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Sporttrek Lightweight Travel Trailers


Welcome to Venture RV! We offer a wide variety of lightweight and ultra-lightweight travel trailers and fifth wheels to suit every family’s needs. Check out our comprehensive selection of floorplans, visit your local dealer, and start planning your family’s next Venture! Thanks for stopping, and we look forward to welcoming you to our worldwide family of satisfied customers.


Our goal has been to connect families with the outdoors. When our customers hit the road, they can focus on their adventures and trust their Venture RV to get them where they want to go. Our attention to quality and craftsmanship is unwavering; we sweat the details so our customers don’t have to.

A Relentless Pursuit for Quality

  • Venture RV Hitch to Bumper Quality Approval
    In-Line Quality Approval Inspection to Mid-line Approval Inspection to Final Quality Approval Inspection (hitch to bumper) (Every Unit)
  • Venture RV Magnifying Glass Inspection
    Dedicated technicians to perform full systems check on all units online, including gas, electrical and water systems check. (Every Unit)
  • Venture RV 300 Point Inspection
    300 Point Inspection – Random units pulled off the line and run through an extensive 300-point inspection including rain/leak tests, electrical, plumbing lines, etc. Comprehensive 8 Hr (avg.) Inspection. (Daily)
  • Venture RV Executive Performance Audit
    Executive Performance Audit – Random units are pulled from the line and run through a meticulous inspection by our President, VPs, GMs, and Product Managers ensuring the quality meets or exceeds the expectation of our brand (Weekly)
  • Venture RV Award Winning Company
    Award-Winning Company - Year-over-year, designs and features from industry professionals.
  • RVDA Dealer Satisfaction Index DSI Quality Circle Award
    DSI Quality Awards since 2015 by industry experts (RVDA) - When rating brands/manufacturers, RVDA asks dealers to express their level of satisfaction on four core issues: Reliability/quality, Parts, Warranty, and Sales. Venture RV has remained a top awarded company year over year.
  • Venture RV Highest Resale Value
    Venture RV has the highest resale value... invest in a proven winner!